The art of #flirtation is equal with the art of #seduction = #dating, #sex, #marriage?


Whit flirting starts a conversation with someone you like

so, smiles, small talks, being polite, never cross over, to commitment not that step, maybe never will be

like a butterfly, this flirt is innocent, don't have to go somewhere, can be finished without meaning something!

You like to chat with someone for a simple fact that you have something to share, a joke, a smile, an interest to go further...but if you have these intention and you know already what you wish, jumping over some steps to get where you what, and the other person has no clue about your intentions, you can only ruin everything!

Flirt Definition: behavior that demonstrates a playful sexual attraction to someone. "Fabian was in no mood for his light-hearted flirtation" Synonyms: coquetry teasing trifling toying dalliance philandering romantic advances chat-up come-on

  • a short or casual relationship. plural noun: flirtations "she had had plenty of flirtations—now she had fallen in love"

  • a short period of casual experimentation with or interest in a particular idea or activity. "his brief flirtation with the avant-garde in the 1920s"

The action of seducing someone. "if seduction doesn't work, she can play on his sympathy"

So, I have to be sincere, you dear Prince, have done some steps that showed me that you rush...and this ruin from the start your intentions! In a relationship is no rush, no end, is only a beginning and there should stay, in the area when you try to conquer!

Man do that! Conquer a woman everyday!

This was lesson 1 for you my love! Prince Fazza, my kid, my man, my my dreams!

Synonym: persuading someone to have sex debauching corruption bedding tumbling dishonoring ruin ravishment defloration

  • a tempting or attractive thing. "the seductions of the mainland"

while flirt has nothing to do with sexuality, seduction has, but this is not mandatory to ever get in bed with everyone that try to seduce you or vice versa!

Till getting to sex should happen more than flirting and seducing!

Can be attracted by someone but sex involve more then sex...

sex appeal of physical attractiveness involves only human physical only but real sex involves mind, energy, chemistry, spirit, body!

So, don't jump into the last part ruin everything! From Dream to reality is more than a step!

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