The #art of #wearing #clothes this seduces! Attracts!

I dream for this for a long time!...

My own lines on my own wardrobe!

This time summer wardrobe, for hot summers!

I defined the fabric and the color

Despite the trends and colors of the year 2021 Grey / Yellow and my zodiac that says for Cancer Sign white and Silver is appropriated as maximum vibe match, I am in love with silk satin and beige!

Imagine this fabric on your skin!! I even smell and feel everything I imagine, so, think, how deep can you go to your imagination!?

every time I wear silk satin I feel like this: lazy, relax, sexy, powerful, loved, in loved!

This is me! Sensible and powerful! These 2 attract! This is art of seduction too!

So I am #inconstruction me, my home, my life

I love it!

Thank you Universe!

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