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America Latin: Café de Olla Recipe

"In a Medium saucepan, place the water, cinnamon, and v Piloncillo. Turn heat and simmer until the piloncillo is dissolved.

· When the water starts boiling, add the coffee, turn the heat off and stir.

· Cover the pot and let steep for 5 minutes. Pour through a strainer to serve.

If you would like to add some spirits, a Coffee Liqueur-like Kahlúa is a good choice.

I taste this super coffee with cinnamon aroma, first time

When I was in Mexico. Then I bought all ingredients for home and for one month I drunk café d’olla.

The Mexican coffee is Arabica and grows particularly well

In coastal region of Soconusco, Chiapas, near to Guatemala." from my book 90 days around the globe by Clara C

From the book: 90 days around the globe by Clara C

" In hotel every day a new coffee for the guest and what a difference between Arabica from vid and fresh coffee from Veracruz . I love their coffee and coffee de ole is traditional , RECETA DE CAFÉ DE OLLA ..."

I recommend

The Origins Of Coffee...

Green global travel...

These from above are my recommendation to travel global for green coffee!

Below you can find the biggest coffee harvests and sellers around the globe in 2019

Brazil , Kenya, Ethiopia, Columbia, Africa, Uganda, India, Vietnam, South America, North America, Indonesia, United Kingdom, China, Asia, Tanzania, Europe, Rwanda, Mexico.

Best destinations for coffee lovers in Latin America

But the travel agency should go the travelers in the best coffee country from 2019, so I would start with Brasil...

I recommend to find out how can be organised a coffee tour!

According to

Coffee benefits for human Body Mind and Spirit:

1. Can Improve Energy Levels and Make You Smarter

2. Can Help You Burn Fat

3 . Can Drastically Improve Physical Performance here more

That's why my dears and my dear Lord of my muscles, Robert, I recommend you coffee !

Etiquette nonprofit association has 3 beautiful projects: Gym is life, Key of Success, 90 days around the globe, and Peace & Love & Music - Africa house music and DJ. The last is realized with 99% that goes from project 2 and 3.

For a beautiful life, a beautiful mind!

to be continued ...Be sponsor!

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