The Secret Green in Clara C kitchen, that's how a movie is made...after a good script...well cooked

Hello sunshine,

Hello world,

Hello Universe!

Is the same in HIRE vs to be HIRED!

To be master in what you like is like a good chef is in the kitchen...

Love, passion, determination, planning, life long learning, open minded, cretative...talent...

To have talent means to do what others never succed, or succed with such hard word and you succed in seconds...

Internaut lover , 90 days around the globe, Key of success by me, Clara C are my baby that I love. These babies are inspired from my real life...My life has all the secret ingredients to write over and over...

Spectacular events, unique events, solution for everything, positive environment, capacity of dreaming, brain and expertise to plan, power and bold to Do...

Happiness is coming from inside...and never let someone to get into my Pink Bubble! I am happy and always in love! In love of life and everything arounds me...I love people and I wanna see them like me, happy no matter what...

And now lets get back to the Secret Green from Clara C kitchen, mine kitchen...

In what I present are steps for make a scene but also real ingredients for cooking in Green...

So I wont explain, I let you to watch and put your mind to think and create:

1. a real recipe with 5 ingredients , in these ingredients salt & pepper and olive oil are manatory, so only 3 ingredients left...

2. a night goes out script 2 pages ...a. description of scene, b. description of the protagonist c. other characteres, d. goal of the scene, e. conflict description, f. maximum poin of conflict, g. relaxing the air, h. conclusion, i. final

My vegetable list from today to use it entire week:


green beans x






onion green

garlic x

olive oil x

salt and peper x


Veracruz coffee


Rye bread x

For today recipe I choose: green beans, garlic, olive oil, salt & pepper, Rye bread

These are for GYM is LIFE Robert, my Lord of my muscles and my personal GREEN my pink bobble...

For my scene for today from Internaut lover by Clara C script I prepare the 66 go in a pilgrimage in Bucovina, Romania and we stoped for a while in Sighisoara a fairytale land. Sighisoara Romania the only inhabited medieval citadel in Europe...This describe the place, the intention, now the characters...

Two friends of mine and their father insisted to be their driver in this 3 days marathon on the mountains to rare monasteries...

See I can mix this up Internaut lover by Clara C that is sponsor for GYM is LIFE and my Secret GREEN from my kitchen...see the secret from above! Green LIST.

Setup your mind!

Dream, Plan, DO!

Everything is possible!

Believe in you!

For a beautiful life, a beautiful mind!

A parallel between recipe for movie and for cooking in my kitchen...

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