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Your accommodation in Hotel Room vs Rent Apartment vs Rent a Room and come and be the guest in a foreign country, what would be more convenient?

Let's explain #facilities included / #space / #price / #services / #place (#location) / #comfort / #security /#extra facilities in the same place

For a 4 stars hotel and the apartment/ house equivalent ...ha ha ha house even a room is not comparable as anything due to the fact houses are not near of everything. Normally house areas are in out of the town! Will be extra money on gas, car, and nothing, so time and money spent for nothing in the area.

4 stars hotel room ...I stayed in 4 and 5 stars hotels around the world. I was alone and to be sincere not even 5 stars impressed me when all I wanna see were not white linens on my bed...I was impressed of all goings out with colleagues to taste , feel , meet new everything, but these were 1 or 2 goings out in 2 weeks and in the rest of the time were areas, for Mexico for example , where the hotels are on the highway and the highway area is the most dangerous due to cartels ...In China when I went out by myself , alone I managed but I trusted my instinct as long as the Chinese is unspeakable and not understandable so for sure I would loved a room in an apartment with the host there to guide me, support me, help me, advice me...spoil me!

In Tunisia the same, in Germany and Poland the same ...I was stranger in the night around the world ...

That's why in my home , my apartment , I have contract for #DreamQueenRoom in #PitestiRomania where I stay, I transformed and renewed my apartment to be comfortable and secure and I offer my experience to my guests with #Booking #TripAdviser #Homarez #AirBnb to come and visit my country and stay in my home.

Hotel / Apartment / Room

Advantages intimacy

Hotel / Apartment / Room - everywhere you have intimacy ...but in fact you don't have in the first 2 , neither in the last one due to the fact that you are in hotel, apartment, room, community and this starts at your room door! All noises are heard and you can't do anything!

Hotel / Apartment / Room - by the way this intimacy that many, many tourists understand wrong to meet new people and to get them in your Hotel, Apartment ,Room. This is a dangerous behavior. I don't recommend, ever...could be a happy pleasant experience but ended awful! Intimacy is the word that means what in etiquette says, very close people have to have access in your privacy!

#Hotel / #Apartment / #Room - #intimacy

In hotel is cleaning service with a program , their program not yours ...so your intimacy vanished at 8 o'clock when Room cleaning consider that is program for them , should be for you too, even if you work on different hours. So, no intimacy, cleaning ladies are so energetic in the morning...And , and you hear every door that is shut it by your room neighbors...so, no intimacy, and during the day , the hotel have maintenance, to keep everything in function.

In apartment is quiet if the neighbors have nothing to repair...No cleaning, nothing. You and nobody to help you with some information, no front desk, nothing, but you have intimacy ...

No, you don't! The neighbors are not there to help, but are there to gossip...for sure!

In a room with a host you are more secured than ever! #AirBnB did this official and global valid and is the best!
Let's talk about intimacy in this case!
#rule nr 1 when you arrive you will be asked: do you wanna be with visible host or invisible
#rule nr 2 respect the rules of the house! Our guest is our king and our home is your home, but your host is there to serve you but you have to respect the host of the house!
#rule nr 3 ask anything you want to get permission
#rule nr 4 the host smiles and is there to make your life easier , do you know how to smile to get everything you want? To be Polite is rule in hospitality but is valid in both ways...host and guest

Advantages - space

In hotel room - you have access in your room , hotel lobby, gym, restaurant ...if the hotel has all of these ...if not , you have to run for them...The space in hotel room ... Can be enough or too much or can make you claustrophobic with the same space like my hamster even with all comfort in the world and luxury that means including space still gives you a discomfort ...

In an apartment and room in an apartment is the same space, how you wish.

The space in #DreamQueenRoom is guest area with exclusivity like in hotel and Gym,
kitchen, bathroom , dinning and living, second balcony are the extra space that you enjoy with no fee...
So Advantage = Room in apartment! AirBnB Booking


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