#Whoever extends an #invitation #should #pay!

Yes, of course

This is Etiquette!

In UAE Royal family has a royalty tax to be a VIP in their country and to have the honor to be welcomed by the Royal family

ok this is valid when some celebrity comes and wants special VIP treatment, I can understand that

I tell you my case:

Me, I saw the Prince in every posts from his media, UAE media did that, and me, like any millions of people seen every move of UAE Royalties. I write him some proposals...nothing...and suddenly shows up...and we get in love, we both want to see each other, than I didn't due to my state, this was the first reason but was another unwritten, and any visit to me there or yours here cost me 2000 euro :(

I was raised in old etiquette school when the man pays everything!

Now, a prince asks for a VIP tax...

So, dear Prince, my Prince Hamdan (Fazza)

this intrigued me so much that I said: thank you but no thank you!

So, I am stubborn, I don't pay to see you! You initiated everything, I agreed, I was curious and in love...

And If you wanna see me, I have a 10000 euro ;) tax to see me...

And man pays!

So, maybe your daddy should think more that in my case a tax was mandatory...

I thing he can eliminate it!

Anyhow, this was a minus in everything we can do...

Etiquette in my country ...in yours the same...I am a VIP of your heart, my dear! That's all!

In my book, our book the actions happen and is rewind till everything is perfect!...will see...or not!

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