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Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot. Clarence Thomas

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In the restaurant etiquette in the photo from the right side, in a poster in my daugher at 10 years old, 13 years ago and her colleague were very much in love one another...and I immortalized the moment to stay was and still is...

I the other photo with no face is me to another event...about body language...this time only body not face..."communicate beyond words" , me Emilia Clara Cocos one man show, producer, director, presenter...:)

Etiquette in restaurant is not findable in Key to success ! Is a new complet book only about manners, dress code and wardrobe management...follows...

The photo is from event at Davila theatre Pitesti, Emilia Cocos producer, director and presenter, me, Clara C is my pseudoname as writer,

Comment by Emilia Clara Cocos

From left to right, I don't remember the girls' names, sorry the situation would be like that:

1. fancy chineese restaurant

2. the outfit GOOD

3. the atmosphere relaxed

4. position during the meal BAD - cross your legs is not allowed

5. position of the chair BAD - too far from the table

6. position of the back BAD - the back should be leaning but not like in armchair

7. position of the hands BAD - the hands are on the table but not the heels only the forearm

For the moment we talk only about these themes from above!

Thank you girls! You were lovely !

Thank you!

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