You are my air, my morning breeze my love...of my life


By Clara C

Hello sunshine

Hello world

Hello Universe

The sky is orange, I love orange is color of energy and youth

Orange is me.

- HI, I am Orange.

Is the color that influences my day

I open my eyes and smile. I feel the smell of love...

For me, Clara, water sign, water is my natural environment...

I hear the rhythm...

African drums... golf waves... And my place of hide in my shell... To hear the drums and sea bit

The terrace is open and I feel the breeze on my skin

Is 5 AM is my time to start my day


Stretching in my bed

I start touching my each mm of skin and I speak with my every cell! I feel them dancing...

My next step is to step out of the bed and go out to take a early morning ritual of cleaning and after I go out on the beach

I love to walk barefoot and feel the water almost ready for me

I don't think

I don't speak

I only breathe, enjoy and smile

I do my aerosols ritual

Breathing deep and start doing my Motivation meditation for 15 min

Me, sea and the breeze

I am happy

I am grateful

I am joyful

I am...LOVE

I am ready for a wonderful day

I go inside and I know where I'm going ... my love's alcove is missing me,.. I miss him...

Yes, we sleep separately, is the most important way to sleep to don't disturb and don't be disturbed!

My love understands this and realized how wonderful is to have two spoiling innings at sunrise and at sunset...

He sleeps so well, I barely hear that is someone here...

I slipped next to him and his inner eyes sees me...

I close my eyes and I become wind, I become breeze, I become One with my love...


The love of my life.

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