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Do you want to be fashionista/fashionist well I recommend you to take in consideration many aspects:

For my Prince I will do my personal recommendations

He is Scorpio, so theoretically Scorpio's colors are deep red, maroon, black, and brown.

Duration (tropical, western): October 23 – Nov

Sign ruler: Mars (traditional), Pluto (modern)

Zodiac symbol: Scorpion (mythology)

what means zodiac colors?

the color that vibes the best on you!

but when you live in desert under the sun every day, #white is the only choice, is the only non color that don't let the waves of sun to get into your body and affects you!

So in any #fashion #trend #setting you should keep in mind this always! No beige, no green, no bleu-marine, no black in fact black is so harmful under the sun this color lets all waves to get into your body and affects your health!

In you trends setting I say:

Color for man and woman is WHITE

Entire body and head covered, traditional way or not, free choice!

Change this In UAE ALL WHITE !

More about that are the fibers


And much more what means WHITE wardrobe

  1. keep everything simple

  2. maximum 10 pieces for entire week

  3. keep everything elegant

  4. keep everything in minimal cuts

  5. put a spot on you of color zodiac from above (Scorpio only)

  6. trend can be done only by simplicity that means elegance

  7. in cuts everybody should be aware about body proportions

  8. there are cut ways (shapes) to improve the impression of perfection keep that in mind

  9. no matter how rich or poor, tall or short, well dress or not the shape of your body looks better when you are SLIM

  10. for this do a national campaign to teach population like Japanese did how to eat healthy and live longer , copy their style

  11. the accessories if there is not quality, better no accessories or do accessories that express something like #greenenvironmental from natural fabrics

  12. make a brand of your - you become a brand (you are already my love, teach population to be a brand, first is Trust, self confidence and self esteem)

  • about your brand as country I recommend you to let your country population see that you care about them, keep them close and let them be beneficiary of that luxury that you have everywhere!

  • tell them, offer them 1 day accommodation and some facilities for free to motivate and educate them to be free, healthy, happy and enthusiast , or why to have such luxury if local population can enjoy (declare vacation day every day)

I invite you to be Etiquette trend setter in UAE, I will be your guide!

I wish you all my best, my price Hamdan!

signs your Queen


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