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Image by Aaron Huber

Clara in the kitchen

"We are what we eat!"

Clara C Kitchen is one of the most important project "you are what you eat" is part of the slogan to develop this like an educational way to learn about food benefits, nutrition elements, behavior at the table, having guest... This is more than cooking, it's about etiquette, about proper outfit, about atmosphere, design, kitchen organizing, music, conversation, time management in kitchen and in general. Energy, good positive energy, love for what you prepare, makes your meal exceptional! Shopping for your kitchen too is very important, we eat with our eyes first but first comes the mood you have starting with shopping.

Yes, Clara has classes for you too! 

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Clara in the Gym

"Our fuel is oxygen!"

Gym is life is a way of life. This is an educational way to learn to workout "wherever, whenever, with whom you want!" 

No diet, no equipment! Work on muscular groups

Now luxury affordable! Personal trainer for VIPs now can be for you too! 

Each session contains personalized exercises! 

Yes, Clara has classes for you that involved more then gym!

All projects are for B2C and B2B in CSR programs with persons/company/corporate
Do you want your business partners educated, motivated, happy, healthy, enthusiasts? 
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Business Consultation

Clara looks for associates partners 

"Be the best variant of you with passion and love" 

Job interview with Clara now is not anymore.

Clara is looking for the best to be associated partners in her projects in her nonprofit Etiquette! here

In the same time Clara is taking time to help people who want to develop skills to convince that they are the best choice in any partnership are looking for, for any business contractor! 

So, forget about job hunter, be business hunter, your role increases your responsibility and your income, you are business person with different fiscality! Clara teaches you to negotiate, to get what you want!

Yes, Clara has classes for this too! 

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Clara in her wardrobe

"Simplicity is elegance and vice- versa" 

Etiquette wardrobe with Clara

Here Clara shows you how much is simplicity, what means wardrobe management, the power of zodiac sign colors, how to create a complete wardrobe in few pieces, how to do shopping for your wardrobe, how to tell to a tailor how to make your imperfections look perfect, how to save money still choose quality. These are few themes to learn about with Clara.